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The Foundation

Educating for a future”


Schöck-Familien-Stiftung charitable GmbH (gGmbH) emerged under the initiative of Sabine Schöck in 2012. The foundation is wholly dedicated to non-profit activities, working out of Baden-Baden, Germany.

Sustainable improvement of educational and training opportunities for children, young people and other people is particularly important to the family.

The foundation currently supports projects in India, Germany and several countries in Africa. The family’s primary aim is to assist active associations and foundations in successfully expanding and implementing their projects. The family is committed to providing individually adapted support, education and professional training, thereby empowering marginalised people, regardless of religion, to lead successful, responsible lives. Furthermore, the foundation not only strives to protect children’s rights as well as nature and the environment, the focus is also on maintaining the cultural values of the local population.  

The advisory board, drawing on the foundation’s funding guidelines, determines the content of SFS works and selects the projects to support. Members of the advisory board are Sabine Schöck (chairwoman),
Felicitas Schöck, Simone Schöck and Robin Schöck, together with PeterMöller, general manager of SFS.  Mr. Möller is also acting chairman for the Eberhard-Schöck-Stiftung (ESST).

As a young engineer, Eberhard Schöck founded his construction firm in 1962. His ingenuity and business acumen led today’s Schöck AG to international success. Schöck-Familien-Stiftung is now the Schöck family’s second charitable institution. The first, Eberhard-Schöck-Stiftung (ESST), was launched by the enterprise founder in 1992. ESST successfully aided the revival of artisan trades in Central and East European countries. Sabine und Eberhard Schöck transferred a major portion of their Schöck AG stock to their foundations, making them the primary shareholders. Thus, the larger part of profits generated by the company’s workers benefit charitable causes.

Schöck-Familien-Stiftung Objectives

The Schöck-Familien-Stiftung gGmbH (SFS) contributes to mitigating need and poverty, corruption, crises, wars and environmental destruction. It is dedicated to improving care and educational opportunities for
children and youth. The family believes that a good up-bringing and education are elemental to a self-governed life and well-being. Building on this foundation enables long-term, open relations between cultures and nationsas well as a sustainable approach to nature and the environment.

SFS fulfils their pledge by funding and/or carrying out charitable projects serving the above-mentioned objectives. The projects are financed primarily with internal funds generated by Schöck AG shareholder dividends. Current SFS emphases lay on International Development Cooperation, focusing on India and Nepal as well as Sponsored and Social Projects in Germany, focussing on Baden Württemberg.

Funding Guidelines (paraphrased extract)

We support projects in the following areas and emphases:

Support area I: International Development Cooperation

  • Regions: India and Nepal

  • Emphases: Education, professional training and childcare
    for marginalized people; encouraging professional independence
    and socially responsible behaviour

  • Primary activities: Funding facilities, especially those caring for,
    housing and educating children and youth

Support area II:Sponsored and Social Projects in Germany

  • Region: Baden-Württemberg

  • Emphases: Education, professional training and childcare for
    marginalized young people

We encourage a goodly portion of self-motivation in all those involved. To promote a project’s autonomy, we expressly welcome applicants, project members and beneficiaries to contribute financially.

Who can apply for funding?

All associations, foundations, organisations and groups carrying out non-profit projects which are in alignment with SFS Funding Guidelines. Applicants must be officially recognised as non-profit by the German tax authorities. A copy of the most recent notice of exemption serves as sufficient proof and    should be included with the application.

Supplementary Project Selection Criteria

Additional criteria for funding application assessment are:

  • Autonomous and volunteer engagement of those involved in the project

  • Target-group appropriate project implementation

  • Transparent project content and financial planning

  • Efficient use of funds

  • Projects with role-model functions and high dissemination

  • Applicant’s project experience

  • Long-term, sustainable project

  • Project topicality and viability

SFS engagement responds well to respectful and cooperative partnerships, transparency, environmental protection and equal rights for both men and women. Human rights must be honoured in all cases.

Scope and Breadth of Financial Support

We primarily support projects from organisations and recipients who contribute financially and display resourcefulness. As a rule, full project funding is notan option. The maximum sum is decided on a case-to-case basis. The maximum project funding term is limited to two years, albeit subsequent funding is basically
possible. With due cause, deviation from the maximum funding term is negotiable.

Exclusion from Funding

Although we maintain broad-range leeway, projects encompassing one or more of the following criteria are excluded from SFS funding.

  • Project content is not aligned with SFS focal topics

  • The project has a dominant political or religious impetus

  • Funding is intended for solely administrative overhead (travel, print, advertising, etc.)